well is a massive dissapointment.

I'm a fairly technical person, and I'm giving up setting up my own server.

It might well be amazing, but it really needs to be tied together as a service rather than a jumble of technology.

I might, with more time, get a server to work and be secure.
But will I then be able to share my location easily with family and friends without having to set their device up for them? I suspect not (based on what I've seen so far)


@M0YNG While I'm not sure it'd be worth setting up Nextcloud just for location sharing, when I ran a Nextcloud server I did find it super easy to set up Phonetrack and share my location with people without needing to explain to them what they needed to do. I ultimately stopped using it because I was angry over its poor handling of very large (100k+) collections of files, but I will probably end up using it again soon.

@M0YNG Though now that I think of it, Nextcloud may well be easier to set up than owntracks, especially if you just use docker-compose. I do recommend using their Postgres version and not sqlite, because even if you think your usage won't get that heavy, it's much easier to set it up to scale from the beginning than to try to migrate later.

@freakazoid yes, I know nextcloud can do it but I was under the impression that owntracks would be a fairly capable and light weight approach to this one task.

Sharing a location shouldn't need an account to share files too!

@M0YNG Yeah, I totally agree with that.

I'd really like to see some kind of lightweight authentication/capability system that easily integrates with other applications without carrying its own baggage. This seems to be the main thing the apps are getting from Nextcloud aside from easy deployment. Easy deployment is an easier problem to solve.

I know there is an android app where you text the person and the app auto responds with web link to coordinates and speed. Is that something you are looking for?

@KC3OWU I have a very similar app, but it would be better for people to see the location on a map that dynamically updates rather than have to send a text message.

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