What's the chance of a QSO with France if I stand on the beach on the south coast of the UK with a hand held radio?

Guess it's pretty far for 2m FM, especially without some gain on the aerial.

@M0YNG tropospheric ducting on 2m is pretty reliable for me from 120 to 200 miles away.

@M0YNG If someone would be on a beach in France then it seems to be ~35km with no buildings, hills or anything. I'd say it may work, I've heard about people doing easily 75+kms from the hilltops on 2m with handhelds. Well, here the earth curvature may be working against you... maybe it would be a good idea to calculate how high you should be standing? :D

@M0YNG how far is it? Maybe u could hit a repeater. I hit one from 70 miles (112km) on 5w with an 18 inch antenna on gmrs here in the states. Gmrs is 462MHz and i was on one lake shore and the repeater was ~150 feet high on the opposite shore

@M0YNG Standing at the straights of dover, with the other party also on the beach.... maybe. You'd need some favorable conditions though.

@M0YNG Oooh, forgot to account for the salt water. That ups your chances.


It will definitetly work, if the shortest possible distance (Dover-Calais) and a non-hand held on the other side still counts. I had a QSO last summer with ES1ROB/P who was standing with his 5W hand held at the promenade in Haapsalu (next city on the estonian mainland from my QTH KO18lw) distance 35km. I'm also located directly at the seafront and used an average vertical antenna. Signal was 56/57. No problem at all.

@M0YNG It should work. How high above sea level would you be? On Tuesday this week I made a QSO from the hills in south Dublin to Wales using a UV-5R and whip antenna.

@M0YNG almost certain to work, provided there's someone on the other side. Sea path is good for signals.

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