Guess I don't print as often as I thought I did when I bout the 500 sheet pack of paper from STAPLES that I just opened.
(Staples stopped having shops in the UK around 2015 IIRC)

Past me had expensive taste, this is 100g!

I've also got 250 sheets of 120g if I want luxury printing 🤩


Hey I hear ya! I love the older print media and printers.

I have a laserjet that does black and white only and I serve it with a pi!

I am setting it up for my 3d printer as well!

A printer pi!

@KC3OWU my printer is a b&w laser, it's all I need for 90% of my printing.

Plus it does full duplex so I can print stuff as booklets which I do a lot!

Sadly my desktop (Ubuntu) doesn't support the booklet mode so I have to use the Mac laptop if I want it easily 😕


I hear ya! I wish mine had a duplex function. I just manually duplex my pages if I am feeling like its worth the effort.

A lot of the printers made in the last decade spy on the network. Kind of a real bummer for privacy...

So I feel like my vintage laser printer is a luxury.

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