Hey everyone!

I am new to all things social media so I appreciate your patience ahead of time!

I got my technical class licensure 2/2020 and have been exploring as many aspects of radio art that I can!

I am on analog 2m locally and have recently jumped into echolink. Man what a blast!

Up until this week I was solely on DMR, exploring the brandmeister network TGs.

I have a hotspot for the digital modes and have them crosslinked at home QTH.

@KC3OWU welcome! You will hopefully find mastodon a little different to other social networks (we have no adverts, we don't sell your data, and we don't manipulate your timeline)

My dmr radio has been turned off too much recently, but I hope to speak to you there soon!
We have a talkgroup, but I can't remember the number right now…


Really?!? Our own talk group!

I am so incredibly interested in setting up an all-star node or dvswitch instance.

As for radios, I have a GD-77 HT with opengd-77 installed. Yeah a bit underwhelming but, that's all so far!

I have a few RTL-SDR blog dongles setup on a "odroid ux4" as well!


@KC3OWU yes, it's intended for helping the fediverse connect over dmr, not just mastodon.radio users.


Using an AnyTone here, but I also have a Baofeng that I'm working on hacking some codeplug software to use on Linux, not working yet though!

I hear good things about opengd, I'd very much like open source firmware if I could find a 77 to buy (for a sensible price!)

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Thank you very much for this TG I will jump on this week.

OpenGD77 is supported (with variation) on other radios such as the Baofeng DM-1801 / 860, RD-5R / DM-5R, GD-77s (no screen model hotspot mode only), and Tytera MD-760.


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