Tempted to rig up an old spare raspberry pi to search youtube for "slow TV", download using YouTube-dl, play it full screen, repeat.

Surely someone else has done something like this? Slow TV kiosk for their (home) office / flat with no views / etc…

@M0YNG instead of downloading and then playing back you could also install mpv and youtube-dl and run 'mpv --shuffle --fullscreen "ytdl://ytsearchall:Slow TV"' and it would play random "Slow TV" videos directly from youtube

@M0YNG might be more sensible to have it shuffle through a pre-made playlist though

@Earthnuker thanks for the tips!

Looks like the default settings for mpv doesn't provide a nice experience on a pi3b+, very low framerate :(

@M0YNG i found thus guide for building a version of mpv with hardware decoding enabled, that migh help if that's the bottleneck, you can hit shift+i and then 2 (i think) to show timing information while playing a video, which might give a better understanding of what's slowing it down

@M0YNG This sounds like a fun project! YouTube has an API that you could probably use to search for the videos. After that I reckon it's just a matter of "play a random file in this directory" to which the videos are downloaded.

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