An android phone has gone missing, we're confident it's in the house (still on wifi) but it's on silent and does not have the Google device finder enabled.

Anyone know of a way to help this?
I wondered about remote installing apps, but they all appear to need enabling first.

Lots of looking has occurred, over several hours, but no luck 😞

Phone located!

Used the portabiity of my WiFi AP and a 20m ethernet cable to methodically move around the house and compare signal strengths to devices in known locations + changes in the lost device.

It was in a bag, in the boot, of the car, on silent.

Not quite Direction Finding as @Tecci suggested, but a "poor person's" version 😀

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@Tecci can you expand a little please?

I can see the relative signal strength from my wifi management, and have tried to find locations with similar signal levels on another phone, but it hasn't helped much!

@M0YNG @Tecci I absolutely love this lmao. Great work, Christopher!

@M0YNG @Tecci
Nice one... A friend of mine lost his phone.. Turned up some months later in MY car, in the glove box!

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