The fans in my psu run constantly, even without load. they didn't used to.

I guess a temperature sensing something has failed and it just runs the fans at full as a safety thing…

It's an EP-925 apparently.

@M0YNG looks like the classic type I've done a couple of repairs on.

There are some fan mods here: and it says it has a normally closed thermostat, so I guess that means it'll fail to on.

Mine can be very noisy, but the fan doesn't generally stay on all the time.

@m0puh that's exactly the page I had a slight memory of looking at some years ago, thanks!

@M0YNG I have one of those power supplies, though it's re-badged! It's a fantastic PSU.
Looking at the schematic, there is a discrete thermostat - it may be possible to replace :)

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