Has anyone made mastodon available over or

If not, where might I start?
Ideally a python server that I can ab/use or extend or build on that is well documented (if anyone knows of one)

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@M0YNG I exposed my feed over finger at `finger` but I don’t know anything on gopher or gemini yet

@M0YNG well, I can't get it to load right now, but gopher is mentioned in the instance features

@brad looks like it runs pleroma which has it built in. Thanks for the tip!

I was just looking at this - a Gemini server written in Python using the Twisted framework…

@M0YNG Someone just announced a Pleroma client today on the Gemini list. It's read-only, though.

If you want to write a full-featured client, it won't be straightforward, but you should look at Jetforce (Python Gemini server and app framework) and

@M0YNG a full mastodon client in python

Gophernicus is a gopher server with cgi support

Maybe you could write a cgi layer between them ?

I see where you want to go... accessing to mastodon through a virtual tnc, it's a great idea 😊

@M0YNG other solution is to dump, via cron, your timeline to files in gopher format. A gophermap for the time line list and a file for each toot

@M0YNG I would like to make an Atom/RSS feed to gopher site convertor in PHP... it is the same runtime a goohermap for each feed and a gopher text file per article abstract. I've found a php lib to convert html abstract to markdown to get human readable text file

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