Great QSO with @F1RUM on 40m

Think this is a mode that will make a big difference to two way QSOs.

I'll use the "FEDI" callgroup in the future so please come join!

All sounds very cool, I'll be checking it out soon!

@M0YNG @F1RUM this is so freaking cool. I absolutely have to get an hf antenna going and soon.

@Dubby @F1RUM js8 supports message relaying so in theory, if I can hear a station close enough to you we could have a QSO even without direct rf

@M0YNG @Dubby @F1RUM I must give this mode another go over the weekend. I'll need to watch a few demo videos first so I can get my head around how it all works first!

@M0YNG @F1RUM I can't get over how cool that is. Gotta get some sky hooks up in my shack!

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