Anyone interested in trying a psk (doesn't have to be psk) fediverse net on HF at some point?

@M0YNG sounds like fun, if I could find the time then I'd join in but that's easier said than done. What do you have in mind?

@g0dub @M0YNG Wow! Hello Sir! Didn't know you are here!

Well! At least 3 OPs for data mode in each AR-EmComm club. Your words at Friedrichshafen 2017 meeting.

So, if such keyboard chat net doesn't take off, there will be no hope in AR-EmComm isn't it?😂

@pandabo @M0YNG Yes, three operators for each of the three main modes, voice/CW and data. But.... how many data modes do we have to cover now :-( Things have moved on and JS8call seems to work well, just slowly.

@g0dub @M0YNG I try to learn as more mode as possible. Didn't look up what JS8call is untill you metion it. It turns out I am not the only one who want to use FT8 for keyboard-to-keyboard chating.😂

@pandabo @M0YNG It adds to the data choices. If good Signal to noise radio use MT63, if between 0 and -10dB use Olivia between -10 and -20 we now have JS8call. It is just bad that we have had to do this as QRN increases.

@M0YNG wahoo, it could be very funny !
How do you imagine it works ? Some ways :
- A simple account which toots every psk received posts
- A dedicated fediverse connected instance where you can post only by radio ?
- Or a full radio server : you post by radio and everyone could consult timeline by radio too ?

Three are pleasant solutions for me 😊

@F1RUM those are all cool, but I Ra's more thinking of an on air chat using a data mode!

@M0YNG you are looking for JS8Call, I believe!
This mode allows keyboard-to-keyboard chat and even propose group usage. And it is used on HF.

@F1RUM @M0YNG This sounds like fun to me. I've never used JS8Call!

@m0puh @M0YNG Is's just a shame conditions are horrible this week :-( 80m JS8call suffers from absorbtion by day. My range yesterday on 40m was Europe but not UK as expected. Sitting on 3.578 again today while I'm working 'day job'.

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