When I wasn't looking (and I'm sure it didn't say anything) SwiftKey (the keyboard I use on android) has become "micro$oft SwiftKey".

I am kinda pissed that this happened without me knowing.

Anyone know of a good alternative?

I do use the multiple language features so would be good to keep that.

Apparently this happened in 2016 but I didn't see any notification then either, and the branding only just changed in the app on my phone today...

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@M0YNG I've been using Multiling O Keyboard for a few years. It's very responsive and EXTREMELY customizable. Like, EXTREMELY extremely.

@M0YNG Multiling O keyboard is very good, with tonnes of languages supported and good 'swipe' features.

The other possibility would be Anysoft keyboard, which is fully free/open source (though I don't think it has as many languages as Multiling O):



@emacsomancer @ifixcoinops thanks both. I'm tying both keyboards and funding then both good but still a learning curve.

Also, backspace deleting the whole last word? What is this witchcraft??

@M0YNG I find any new keyboard throws me off for a while.

the backspace thing might be tunable.


@emacsomancer @M0YNG I think that high be a holding-down thing, in Multiling at least - but yeah, that's changeable. The only drawback of Multiling as far as I can see is it doesn't have a great English dictionary, so the first week or so you're gonna be doing a lot of holding-on-words to tell it that, yes, those ARE real words.

But being able to make your dream layout is sweeeeeet

@ifixcoinops I haven't used Multiling for a while, but I recall there being add-on dictionaries? maybe there's a extra package which provides a better English dictionary?

@ifixcoinops @M0YNG Yeah, there's at least an "English Keyboard Plugin" for Multiling which has a description of "English dictionary plugin for Multiling O Keyboard"

@emacsomancer @M0YNG Oh yeah, I've got that one. It's just not a very comprehensive dictionary, is all.

@ifixcoinops Yeah, I think that's the only one. I didn't remember it being particularly bad, but maybe I just added lots of things to it. It's been a while.


@M0YNG They all send your data now. It's how they're free at all. The alternative to sending your data to the big guys directly is GO Keyboard. In terms of being like SwiftKey, it's probably Chrooma. Ginger won't send your data to Google and has some neat features for games, but they still have the excuse of autocorrect and using only aggregate data.

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