Weird question...

I have a raspberry pi talking to my icom 706 via a USB cat cable.

It worked in wsjtx to set and see frequency, but not grig.

Now it works in grig but not wsjtx (or js8chat, or ftdx)

What stupid thing might I have done by mistake?

It was working again last night!

No idea what changed, but I deliberately didn't touch grig after a new boot and wsjtx was fine.

Until I tx'ed on 40m and it went haywire and was reading and writing random frequencies from the radio and generating errors.

I might need a torrid?

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@M0YNG are the permissions for the device set correctly? Like chmod 666 /dev/ttyUSB0 or something?

@Dubby probably not... I can run grig successfully with the same user as the other software.

Also, running wsjtx as root doesn't connect to the radio.

@jimt I have the same settings between the software (as far as I can tell).

What do you mean by the ci-v address?

@M0YNG Each Icom radio has a settable single byte address to which it responds... but if you haven't been playing with the radio's menus between applications, it seems unlikely for it to have been changed.

@M0YNG or maybe grig keep on running and lock usb port?

ps -aef | grep grig

To see if it runs

@F1RUM I'll have to check that, but wsjtx doesn't work after a reboot so...

Library versions seems plausible, if it was just two bits of software, but jtdx and jscall also won't talk to the radio.

@M0YNG I’ve had that happen when multiple USB devices are plugged in. The radio may be USB0 on one boot, USB1 on the next boot.

@M0YNG sounds frustrating.
Definitely sounds like some clip on toroids are a good idea.

WSJT-X does bundle its own hamlib, but if it sometimes works in grig that then that's pretty weird.

Personally I've not had much luck with grig. Settings that work fine for rigctl don't seem to work for grig at all.

flrig or rigctld might be fun to try at some point for shared access.

@M0YNG very possible that you may need a toroid. When you start from the terminal do you get any useful feedback?

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