Was messing with my avatar in pokemon go. It is now stuck as female, and I get an error trying to change back.


BTW if anyone wants to be my friend and help get rid of all these gifts that are cluttering up my bag, let me know your code!

@M0YNG 😂 it has been a bit dodgy recently.

I'm 5522 4491 3251, always after XP from friends, especially now I can't go on lunchtime raids.

@m0puh request sent! I tried to change my name recently too but it wouldn't accept anything I wanted (or even similar) so I let a password generator pick my name.

@m0puh FYI im just going to be throwing these useless gifts at you until I run out...

@m0puh I've got some research hanging around that needs me to battle someone...

@M0YNG I’m basically free today so let me know when you want to fight 😁

@M0YNG no probs! The battle league is pretty fun in the earlier rounds, worth a go if you haven’t tried it yet.

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