I find myself needing a webcam 😔

Any suggestions for:
* plug and play Linux support
* good resolution (720+)
* actually in stock in the UK
* not too expensive

@M0YNG Same here. Webcams and microphones I've tried so far make a horrible scratching sound on video calls.

I faced the same problem since my kids need one for school remote video classes. I could not find in stock locally. There is a webcam shortage. I even considered extracting the one in a LCD laptop screen but i luckly managed to adapt various pieces, stand, lens and body of three different webcams (this is because several exretiments on astronomy+webcams) and i could build up one extra for my kid. This was yesterday. It delivers a great image and it is 640x480. The best part? I mounted the body on a thin metal strap that you can bend up and down to point it correctly. I wish you luck!

.@M0YNG Covid-19 had an impressive effect on webcam prices....

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