I like the idea of a hf vertical for space reasons.
But then I need radials, which undoes the space benefit.

How well should I expect a vertical to work with a ground spike?

And where to place it? Next to the vertical?
Next to the shack?
Somewhere else?

@M0YNG Hi, this is an interesting but difficult question. Several Ham Books have been written about verticals. E.g. Covan/Orr Vertical Antennas. It depends on which bands u plan to cover. If these are bands from 20 m up it is no Problem to use a vertical dipole - without radials- but u can tilt one leg of it. The GP is a DX ANT. and is not a good choice for QSO in Britain.
A ground spike generally is recommended for lightning protection but it is NO hf-ground! Vy 73

@M0YNG I guess a moxon is out of the question. What about a magnetic loop?

@M0YNG The radials don't have to be straight, you can wind them. I had a 50 foot vertical HyTower and a ground rod for lightening. I put in (4) 50 foot radials. It worked OK but I had heard what a great antenna this was. Then I put in (35) more 50 foot radials and at sunset and dawn, I was being called by Japanese stations and Australian / New Zealand stations. A vertical with a ground rod is about twice as good as a mobile antenna, one with radials, even if bent, can out perform a beam.

@N1EA how did you arrange these radials?
Randomly in a pile at the bottom or something cleaver and important to get right?

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