BrandMeister have added the "Feditalk" talk group!

Talk Group number 23514

I'm about to pop it into my radio and give it a go.

Thanks to Rudy PD0ZRY for sorting the ticket.


Terrific news on the feditalk net. Is there any scheduled net operations?


My DMR radio ( Radiooddiy RD-5R ) is weak for tuning into arbitrary channels without a new code plug, let me see what I can do to fix that.

@M0YNG would love to join, but i barly use bm. 2 nets and thats it

How long did you wait to get this approved? RAYNET submitted a ticket as an emergency group to use 23531 late last year and it still isn't approved. I even emailed Rudy but that hasn't been acknowledged either :-(

Wow, OK. We only asked in November and bumped it with a ticket and email in February.... Guess we have a while to wait :-(

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