One of my patch cables fell apart, literally, the connector just came away from the cable.

I've been using this for at least a year? Maybe more?

On close inspection, I can't see that this was ever soldered at all?
That central wire doesn't have any evidence of solder.

Maybe the wire that is soldered is still in the connector and the wire failed?

But when?

Makes me wonder about all the failed contacts and time spent shouting CQ into the void...

@M0YNG there are some pressure connect pl259s. The core wire is rammed into the end of the tube to make contact. You can tell b/c the center on the other side is a solid rod whereas solder ones have a hollow tube rod you draw the core thru & solder a tip on the end. Also may have a side hole to drip solder into the center rod. Pressure is ok for receivers. You want solder pl259s for an xmitter. Use an SWR meter to check you antenna connection before you blow a final amp. Is blown?

@Klaatu yeah, it has solder in the tip so not a pressure fit.

I hope my power amp isn't blown, the cable came apart when I wasn't operating so 🤞

@M0YNG right you have to flow out the old solder and draw the core well thru the hole, ramming the ground sheath into the pl259s outer shield then resolder core don't be shy with the solder either. Give it a good tip end, you can clip off any excess core later. Then tack solder the shield & rescrew the cover back on over it.

Your core is multi strand so straighten & cut to sufficient length++ & solder dip the twisted strands together. Pull thru not to tip as it prevents breakage.

@M0YNG See when folks push the coax core up to the top & solder you get a pretty rounded end but the wire can flex & in time break off or break solder joint. Pull it thru & it rams the insulation into the pl259 back end so it can't flex & break. After it cools snip off the excess wire & pretty solder the tip so it's not sharp. All the connection is in the sides anyway not the end.

Get a Watt & SWR meter. Tubes handle bad SWR/breaks better. Transistor finals (TO-3 cans) blow easy

The other day the coax of the sattelite decoder fell apart the same way. It took some attempts to get the rigth cut for the crimping tool. But this coax is not soldered at all.

@M0YNG I had a cable do this exact thing a while ago.

No evidence the cable was ever actually soldered despite solder filling the end of the plug section!

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