Has anyone experience with a DigiMaster Pro3 by g4zlp?

Looks like a tempting box (I've had nothing but issues making my own data interfaces)

says it NEEDS windows to "activate" 😖

can't find much info anywhere else on the internet either.

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@M0YNG I think Windows is only needed to activate supplied software. I've never used Windows software with mine. This kit is excellent. Contact him, he responds quickly.

@N1EA I did when I posted that toot, not had a reply yet... Maybe I was too demanding?

This is what worries me:
"NOTE: ALL Pro3 interfaces are shipped in a fully operational "demo / trial mode" and will operate fully for approx 2 weeks normal use but they will require activating. "

@M0YNG That's for the software he includes with it. I never used the software, I used fldigi on Arch Linux. Even if there was a feature that only worked with Windows, I'm probably not going to use it. The thing is an interface. Maybe it does more on Windows but I never use Windows,

@M0YNG Remote PTT software for the interface and microFSK software which can be downloaded. Supplied complete and ready to go, with a set of leads for the radio of your selection.

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