sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...

Server ran out of disk space (again)

I should really keep a better eye on that...

backups are being tidied (9.6 GB), old remote media purged (3.56 GB).
For reference, our own data (avatars, banners, uploaded images) only come to 14 GB

Might have to concede we need more storage soon...
The next step up in VPS will double our storage, ram, and cpu capacity, which would absolutely make the service run better...
But it also doubles the price.

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More info for the curious:

2.9G - avatars (average 12.8M per user)
5.6G - headers (average 25M)
3.2G - "attachments" (average 0.17M per toot)

All this tells me is that @Gargron needs to look at optimising avatar and header images, because I would never have expected those to take up more space than images people actually upload in toots.

Or, more likely, I've missed a config step that would do this.

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@M0YNG impressive. Are there tools to clean the cruft out for you or is it manual work?

@m0puh tootctl is the backend management tool, it can do stuff like purge media from remote servers over x days old

@M0YNG ahh right, so maybe you need to put that in a cron!

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