Anyone knows if it's possible to connect to using Cisco CP-7941G or 7962G? I see those are laughably cheap used (like 3-4€/piece cheap), but I don't see them on a supported endpoint list.

@sp6mr can't help you with this but I thank you for mentioning Ham Shack Hotline. Wasn't aware of its existence and will now look into it!

@DL6MHC I started looking into it after @M0YNG mentioned it a few times :D

@sp6mr @M0YNG i'm trying to buy a SPA 504G at the moment ;) it's a little confusing that there are only US/UK callsigns in the HH phone list - are there some more European countries active?

@DL6MHC @sp6mr you can connect anything that supports SIP. just ask for an "experimental" line if it's not officially supported.

When you sign up there is a choice of HHUS (usa servers) and HHEU (European servers)
You should get better latency with the EU servers

@M0YNG @sp6mr Great, thank you very much for the info. I just bought a SPA525G2 so I think I might be able to join in a few days :)

What (inexpensive) options do I have to power the phone? Are there any good affordable PoE injectors?

@M0YNG @sp6mr Thank you. Bought a used PoE adapter from Ubiquity on ebay with the same specs.


@DL6MHC @sp6mr careful with those.

A lot of ubiquity equipment does not use the poe standard.
I killed a phone that way.

@DL6MHC @M0YNG Neat! I am still thinking whether to get one or not. Turns out those which support SIP are a bit more expensive (not prohibitely, though), but the are also big, and I am running out of comfortable space for my ham toys

@sp6mr @M0YNG The phone has been provisioned now. Don't have the time to test it at the moment but will try to call someone tonight. You are right, it's a monster space-wise but wasn't too expensive. I paid 29€ for the SPA525G2

@M0YNG Hm. My phone seems to be fully configured, I hear a dial tone, can call echo service and the speaking clock service but I won't hear a thing after being connected. Any idea what the problem might be?

@DL6MHC check your port forwarding.

SIP needs
5060 - for initial setup of the call (sounds like this is working)
10000 to 20000 for the audio, one randomly selected port for outgoing, and one for incoming.

If your router, firewall, etc. isn't forwarding these ports to your phone you will probably get silence, but others might hear you.

@M0YNG Thank you very much. I will look into it. Since I' m double NATing there's a lot of failure potential...

@DL6MHC yup, that sounds like a highly likely failure cause

@M0YNG I finally managed to get rid of double NAT by enabling bridge mode on my provider's modem/router. The phone is perfectly working now without any NAT rules through my internet exposed router behind the provider hardware.

@DL6MHC 302 is the most commonly "hung out in" conference room btw

@M0YNG Thank you - will try to call in there in about an hour or so

@M0YNG if you could spare some time, it would be great trying to call me again. Wasn't in the shack when you tried yesterday

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