I have an original raspberry pi sitting around doing nothing.

Any suggestions for something to keep it busy?

@n0btc that's the thing. I've already got that, and other similar things!

@M0YNG could you run mastodon server with it? You can experiment with it wich you cant do with the man

@n0btc probably not. It's probably not equipped for that. It's an original version, so 700MHz cpu and 256MB (maybe 512, not checked) ram.

What sort of things might you like to try on though?

@n0btc @M0YNG You can run Pleroma off it. I have two original PIs!

@M0YNG Syncthing is what I used RPi for some time - works great! Alternatively, you can try to make a small rx-only APRS I-Gate. I don't know how community views them, though - no bad word on, but when I talked to other hams, they didn't really enjoyed them (seemingly messages aren't relayed properly with them). Or you can try to connect a cheap Baofeng to it and have a fully working I-Gate!

@sp6mr already have synching, and a tx iGate for aprs...

@M0YNG I've always wanted to build a weather station with my raspberry pi and send the data to weather underground or aprs

@M0YNG how about attaching a GPSr and making an NTP server? Lemme guess.... you have one? 😂

@m0puh you know what, I don't!

I did try it once though...

Will have to rummage around and see if I can find the receiver. I don't remember it being very good at getting a fix though.

@M0YNG thats an oldie - I'm using a newer one as a basis for an Allstar node.

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