Think I've "derisked" the main bits of going from RF to fediverse.

Next step will be different message types, then I'll try handling actual messages.

@M0YNG Where can I find this marvellous bot? 💖🤖


heh, you don't want to follow it yet.

under active development so will do stupid things, and it's VERY chatty! One of the local stations is sending weather data every 5 minutes... I'm not sure how to handle that..?

@M0YNG Haha, jolly good. Imagine if it’s piping the entire APRS-IS trunk feed. *That* would be chatty. :p

Exclude stations by regex? Pretty sure it’s in spec. Most wx stations have a regular call format.

If Bob Bruninga is answering email, he could tell!

I’m psyched for your project. Quite lovely notion.

@M0YNG Will this lovely work of yours be available for us to deploy, please? I could super use this.

@Shufei probably, it's just python so shouldn't be hard to deploy elsewhere.

Although it's pretty dumb, just watches the aprx log file for changes. Not sure how it would work with any other aprs software.

@M0YNG Oh! That sounds spiffing, not hard to mod for other igates, really.

Looks good👌 Christopher. Unfortunately I'm not so handy with this (yet).

@M0YNG Awesome! Looking forward to giving it a try when my kit arrives.

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