Aprs to Fediverse. Some questions (polls will follow based on this poll's outcome)

Considering anyone could just put your callsign in the "from" field, I don't think it's desirable to accept toots directly from aprs and put them info your main account.

So, should it be a new instance like, or a different account like

@kb1gim that's why I'm doing this poll 😁
I'm hesitant to run a 2nd instance just for this, unless I can find a light weight fediverse server.

The next poll would be if we mark the accounts as a bot, to make it clearer that there isn't a human checking the messages.
If that helps you decide?

@M0YNG I think it could work as a separate account. As far as a lightweight fediverse server goes check out you can run it on an rPi @kb1gim

@M0YNG @kb1gim I might be able to help finance (and/or administer) a server

I'm for a separate instance, simply because the functionality would be limited if you'd choose to keep it aprs only - so then a really minimal fediverse server would be enough, the one which couldn't even follow other users

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