I care a lot about the planet, but there are some journeys I cannot practically make without using a car.
Sadly I can't afford to buy a brand new electric car (and keeping my current car is probably better for the environment anyway?)

So, I've just paid to offset my car based carbon using carbonfootprint.com

It's not perfect, but it's something.

My home electricity is 100% renewable and green thanks to octopus.energy


Today I have changed my gas tariff to carbon offset my gas usage too.

@M0YNG This is an interesting one. If you take gas out of the ground and burn it, you create CO2. How can changing the price stop this? Renewable sources for electricity makes perfect sense. Wind/solar/waves etc can create v.v.v.low CO2 power.
We use very little gas here, a little for cooking, our range has gas hobs, and heating during the winter.

@g0lfp the small extra I pay goes to projects that either absorb the carbon my gas usage generates (e.g. Tree planting) or prevention of other carbon emissions, a common way is by providing or improving the efficiency of cooking equipment in developing economies.

More info on ways it works here

I know it's not ideal, but it's better than nothing.

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