I'm doing a talk about at @G5BK later this week.

I wonder if you can help?

What do you use aprs for?
What cool aprs features do people not know about that I should mention?

@M0YNG @G5BK I use it to get list of of repeaters, weather and club meetings within an area and I send a few brief messages to other APRS users. I've got voice-alert turned on which is 100hz tone on the APRS side of the radio so somebody could call out on .390 with 100hz tone to initiate a voice contact, then move over to .52 or something. (I've never had anybody call me)

Also was just playing around with the email and sms gateways to/from APRS which is really neat.

I use APRS on a Kenwood TM-D710G and it works great, I was just out tweaking my status messages on the radio. :)
I also use aprsdroid on the Android, works really well for messaging. My call is KC0RJX

@drtelnet Thanks Bryan, those are all very interesting uses for APRS, and it's good to know people actually do use it like this now (rather than just old references)

do you mind if I quote you in my talk?

@M0YNG go right ahead! :) happy to help! If I think of anything else interesting that I've heard or seen about APRS I'll let you know

@M0YNG I think that I'm lucky that there so much APRS coverage here in my area.
I think almost all of my packets are digipeated on 5w around here and make it to an i-Gate. I'm usually driving around gridsquare: EN41

@M0YNG so maybe not the best at 5w after commuting home today and looking at but definitely with 25w

@drtelnet true, I was looking at your tracks and they don't seem very detailed.

Coverage here is poor too, mostly because we did have a very good digipeter on a hill unti recently, so there wasn't much need for anyone else to do much.

Also, my own setup is far from optional especially in antenna, so doesn't always see my handheld when I'm more than a few miles away.

@M0YNG yep, I was trying 5w with a different antenna today, I'm going to be changing that around so my tracks will be more detailed.

I've also done aprs a little bit on DMR using the Anytone 868, that can do messaging and such but it sends the packets to the internet directly, not RF

@M0YNG My packet trail is a lot better today. Switched up my antenna and running 25w. Much better coverage, I'm probably beaconing a bit *too* frequently

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