Has anyone got any experience setting up strongSwan VPN server on debian?
(openvpn drains my phone battery, and apparently IKEv2 is better)

Any good guides?

(I was going to use but this is mostly so I can listen to the music on my server when I'm not at home!)

@M0YNG it can be a massive pain to configure, especially compared to OpenVPN, but I’ve had a couple of clients use this guide:

Have you considered WireGuard instead? It’s the new and shiny and I’ve heard some good stuff about it.

@m0puh @M0YNG
I've used this a couple of times for setting up OpenVPN, looks like they've added in Wireguard to the mix as well.

@M0YNG ahh, nice. I've heard of that but not used it. Ansible makes sense!

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