I'm still not sure how to use

I know how to activate a reflector - I place a private call to a specific ID and the repeater / hotspot tells me about the connection.

But, general talk groups? Do I just set the group, and it works? Maybe? How do I know?
Does it only work if the repeater/hotspot has this "enabled"? (how would I know?)

I can't find a clear answer anywhere online...

@M0YNG Me neither... Maybe you should just try out transmitting on a talkgroup to see if you can receive your own signal online. :)

From how I understand it: hotspot transmits everything a backend (eg. Brandmeister) provides it. So you can have static talkgroups configured to be always monitored - you can do this on the Brandmeister website. As an addition to that, if you transmit to another talkgroup (pressing PTT for a fraction of second is enough, that's why you see a lot of people doing that) then it will become configured as dynamic talkgroup, and will be monitored for 15 or so minutes.

@M0YNG tell me more about your setup. Hotspot? Repeater? Glad to help.

@w9wsw at home I have both available, GB7CC and a hot-spot.

I'm quickly finding the limitations of a simplex hot-spot, it's very hard to unlink from a busy group!

@M0YNG that’s the only downside I’ve found. I keep my laptop nearby so I can disconnect from a browser if necessary.

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