Hmm. Parrot service seems to work?

Anyone around on dmr I can try and talk to?

I might be able to hop onto TAC310 in 20 minutes or so. Keep an ear open for WA4TJS!

@Viktor erm... I have no idea what that means!

*goes to try and reprogram the radio again*

Did you get a DMR ID from first? Dunno if you're using a hotspot or not, but you're gonna want one either way.

@Viktor I have an id (2346962) and there is a repeater that I can get into, but I'm probably not doing it right.

Hot-spot hardware is in the post

Finding an opportunity to get on air is proving to be problematic; I'll see if I can get a screen-grab of the config on my RD-5R in a few and try to walk you through it.

@Viktor no worries. It's almost midnight here so maybe another day when we both have more time!

Main thing is that most of your communication on DMR is gonna be through talkgroups, which are basically chatrooms where every repeater who is set to broadcast that chatroom will do so. You want to program in these chatrooms like you would a traditional analog repeater, with an uplink and downlink frequency. Talkgroups also have a numeric ID associated with them that you also have to program in; TAC310, for example, will have a digital ID of 310.

A single repeater can direct traffic from multiple talkgroups, though any talkgroups you're trying to access from a specific repeater (or hotspot in your case) will have the same uplink and downlink frequency

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