Now I really want an aprs handheld...

Does anyone have any recommendations for cheap options?

This is before I go butcher a spare baofeng, and gaffa tape a raspberry pi zero to it...

@M0YNG To be honest I am really surprised there aren't any reasonably priced radios with analog-only 2m/70cm bands. I mean, it's a simple protocol that you can implement on an Arduino + a custom board. GPS receivers are dirt cheap. I really don't get it.

@M0YNG Looks neat, even if still kinda pricey compared to Baofeng's offerings. But no doubt better quality.

I was slowly looking for a DMR radio. This is now on the list of the ones I am considering 😀 and until now the list had only Baofeng DM-1801...

@sp6mr @M0YNG I have the Radioddity GD-77 and it delivers 5w on high power, it is pretty decent. It does not have APRS but it is DMR Tier II. The firmware is under heavy development i think. I upgraded it 2 days ago and it now features VFO operation.

@santiago @sp6mr interesting looking radio. I wonder if the firmware will get aprs at some point.

@M0YNG is the belt clip holding the RPi in place?

@santiago eh, not really. It's loose, but I guess technically it is.

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