@M0YNG Wait, people are using packet radio in the UK? It's completely dead over here.

@DC7IA no, well, maybe.

I just want to play with it.

And I liked the idea of soldering a kit, sticking it onto a pi, and maybe even writing my own software (there is a node.js module!)

@m0puh @DC7IA I'm pretty sure that I will be able to receive aprs. In theory I can send too if I add a GPS receiver to the pi...

@M0YNG @m0puh You only need GPS for a position, there are a lot more things you can do with APRS. :D

@DC7IA @M0YNG ahh, I assumed it was for timing or something. That’s why I’ve been playing with a GPS


@m0puh @DC7IA I wasn't aware of the other things APRS could be used for! I will have to have a play once I get things soldered together.

I had ideas of doing things like having a packet radio connection to mastodon.radio, and maybe a multi-user chat service (like direct keyboard, but with more than one user)

This is why I got two, so I can talk to myself!

@M0YNG @DC7IA hah, talking to yourself sounds like a good way to test things!

Checkout aprs.fi, there’s a lot of cool stuff on there, weather stations for example.

@M0YNG @m0puh You can even send emails (but not receive) or text messages, I think there is a gateway in the UK.

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