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What do you, the users of think?

Should we block commercial, for profit, instances? (hopefully promoting the smaller, self funded / community run instances, and avoiding a drift towards large centralised instances)

Or should we be open to anyone, regardless of the way the instance they use in funded?

Your thoughts are very welcome!

Full details of's funding:

@M0YNG I think it might make sense to only block commercial users from your instance. Nobody needs to follow them on other instances. :)

@M0YNG I think this is about instances, not users. If Facebook sets up a Mastodon instance, should it federate?

@mattbk @M0YNG What if Amazon sets up a support account? Some people might choose to ask for help there.

@DC7IA @M0YNG I don't have a problem with commercial accounts or commercial instances, as long as the commercial instances aren't selling user data.

@M0YNG I don’t think the source of funding should be grounds for blocking. Although, an instance selling ads or something might be a good line to draw. Individual bad users can be blocked, and if an instance is known to harbor nazis, paedos, etc, then that would also be a good reason to block the entire instance. Eg: if 4chan or 8chan setup a mastodon instance, I’d have no problem defederating them on ideological grounds.

@kr4dio @M0YNG I like this idea. Monetizing your users is the bad thing in my opinion.

I don't have much context but I don't see anything particularly onerous about They're just providing a bunch of services in exchange for money aren't they?

@kr4dio @M0YNG I mean monetising their behaviours, rather than just having them pay you, in case that wasn't clear 😀

@m0puh @M0YNG Speaking of having your users pay you, this thread reminded me to make a donation. I assume hosting this instance isn’t too much of a financial strain right now, but if you ever want to run a regular pledge drive, I wouldn’t mind seeing the occasional “please donate” reminder.

@kr4dio ah, so it was you! Thanks very much!

Yes, all the costs are currently covered, but I will keep your donation ready for when I need to renew the domain etc. in a few months.

@m0puh @kr4dio @M0YNG One of the issues with was that they specifically allow far-right and offensive content on US "free speech" grounds.

A lot of other instances have defederated with them for that reason, because most instances around here prohibit such content either because it's illegal (racist content is illegal in the UK and Europe) or because it's just in poor taste.

@m0puh @kr4dio @M0YNG I do a lot of mediumwave broadcast DX in the winter months, and a lot of the DX stations come from the United States.

Some of the right-wing stuff broadcast over there would very quickly get you a big Ofcom fine here, and possibly come under hate speech legislation. It's downright offensive. They have different values there.

@m0puh @kr4dio @M0YNG It's interesting from a "wow, I've picked up local radio from Illinois" point of view but I feel sorry for the locals subjected to such programming 24/7.

@iona @kr4dio @M0YNG That's pretty bad, if radio content is like that it must be fairly pervasive in "real life" too.

@m0puh @kr4dio @M0YNG I don't think they get great ratings. People mainly listen to the music stations which broadcast on FM, and the AM talkers are talking to themselves most of the time.

@iona @m0puh @M0YNG Unfortunately, I think you underestimate the pervasiveness of public hate speech in the US. Rush Limbaugh made right wing radio mainstream in the mid ‘90s, and its only grown from there, to the point that Fox News is now the most watched cable tv news source, and is essentially the propaganda arm of the Trump government.

@iona @m0puh @M0YNG You didn’t ask for a USian POV on the librem situation, but I’m American so I’m going to tell you anyway: they started a mastodon instance, and someone asked “will you ban hate speech?” Librem said “no, but it probably won’t be a problem.” Fediverse reaction was “Librem supports hate speech! They’re aligned with bigots and fascists!” My feeling is there’s no need to defederate unless the place actually *is* a haven for that type of speech, like 4/8chan, Reddit, etc.

@kr4dio @m0puh @M0YNG I never have to ask for the American point of view on anything.

@iona @m0puh @M0YNG Does that mean you don’t want to hear my thoughts on Brexit?

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