It works! Best £0.01 (+ postage) I've spent on ebay!

We now have voip phone in the shed/shack on extension 7433 (shed)

It's some awful software though...

@M0YNG I've never seen one like that! It looks a bit like an AliExpress special.

This is the one I have:

(I didn't pay anything close to that price for it. I think it was mispriced in the local PC World.)

@iona very pretty!
I'm sure mine was a "special" it has stickers on saying it was provided by "IP Office Ltd" and it has definately seen service in an office. But I can't find it anywhere else!

@M0YNG It looks like a standalone phone that connects to your network, whereas mine has a little box that you plug into your router. You log in via a browser to configure it.

@M0YNG It has several pointless features, like a news section. If you've got a VoIP phone, you've got access to the internet and can presumably access the news on any number of devices better suited to the task.

@iona @M0YNG

some of my Gigaset handsets (R630H PRO) display news, weather etc as part of a "screen saver".

I tried to get them to display something useful like the mains voltage at the UPS but couldn't work out what sort of server to use, I did get the phones to display a "hello World" message.

Real time push notifications could have been useful but Gigaset make a far more expensive base station which I think does that so they clearly don't want to cannibalise this market.

@iona yes, this has a web ui too. It appears to be DD-WRT or similar, but it doesn't work too well.
For example, I can't see my WiFi network using the web gui (when connected via ethernet) but I can if I use the on-phone menu.
Oh, and it doesn't re-connect when rebooted...

@M0YNG @iona

its a FlyingVoice IP542 which is resold by loads of places around the world (and indeed on Aliexpress). It looks like its copied various features of other Chinese VOIP phones such as Yealink..

The web UI on these always looks 10 years out of date.

Gigaset webUI is better looking but still has its flaws (although updates are fairly regularly released in contrast to Chinese phones)

@vfrmedia @M0YNG I paid £34.99 for my Gigaset, I thought that was the actual price until I looked it up.

I like the Gigaset, it hasn't done anything to annoy me and just keeps on trooping on for year after year, so.

@iona @M0YNG

the Gigaset IP-DECT base stations and handsets do work well as telephones, I have deployed 5 at work in various sites since about 2012 without any problems..

@vfrmedia @M0YNG I got it because my BT line went crackly with no broadband and the engineers couldn't fix it - I had several months of engineer visits where they turned up, plugged something in, went "this is a perfect line" and buggered off, so I went to cable broadband only with no phone service.

Virgin cable kept putting up the price and it was going less and less reliable so I've switched to 4G fixed wireless broadband and I'm surprised how well the VoIP also works over this.

@vfrmedia @iona
Yes, it is a FlyingVoice, and it will not re-connect to my WiFi on power up 🙁

However, it does have telnet enabled!

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