@buskjan hello friend! Tell me more about your interest in amateur radio!

@M0YNG Hi! Licenced since 2004 and never really got going. I got my radio in my shack and mostly listens. Once in awhile I will answer a Qso. 😃

@buskjan excellent! Everyone is microphone shy, but it's good to listen too.

I was considered blocking, after all the lack of reporting and dubious stance on "free speech"... How are you finding it over there?

@M0YNG So far so good after one day with librem. So I have to wait for a week or so before I know.

I don't know anything about there stands on free speach and lack of reporting. Could you fill me in?

The reason for me to sign up for there services was to get the email service and hopefully the backup solution when and if it comes.

@buskjan as far as I understand, they modified mastodon software to drop reports of abuse, rather than dealing with them. I think that this has since been reversed.

But also their stance is that free speech is sacred above all. I see other admins post toots like this and wonder if I should do the same...

@M0YNG I just read their code of conduct. and it seemes like they at least intend to deal with harassment of any kind.

What that really means remains to be seen. It is always hard to know what a code of conduct means until it is implemented. I will give them the benefit of a doubt for the time beeing.

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