Oh hi Internet.

Just a little request ... can you stop using javascript to make your website load please?

I'm bored of following a link to blank white screens that magically become a normal html website after I un-block javascript for your domain.

@M0YNG My personal bugbear is the website for SDRplay.

The site is a JavaScript mess and they make you fill in a Google CAPTCHA to download their drivers. Why?!

Either you've bought an SDR from them and you need the driver, or you don't need the driver. It just makes life harder for their paying customer.

@iona especially as it's entirely possible I want to grab that driver on a headless system using wget!

@M0YNG That's exactly what I did a while back. I had to use my desktop computer to get the link and then copy-and-paste it into my SSH session to wget it.

@M0YNG Next time I see them at a rally I'm going to mention it. I'm not going to Blackpool this year because I'm elsewhere and the Norbreck Castle Hotel is a dump, but I might collar them at Newark later in the year if I'm around.

@iona ah, I've been to Newark on a day trip the last couple of years.
I'll try and remember to toot if/when I plan to go this year and maybe we can have a QSO in real life 😆

@M0YNG Telford is a good rally, too. The past few years it's been in a dump of a venue at Ironbridge - the room with the stalls was literally dark.

This year they've moved it to an agricultural university out of town, so it should be a lot better. I used to go to the GQRP convention in Rishworth but it's now been merged with the Telford rally.

@M0YNG Newark this year looks like it might clash with the start of my university course which is obviously more important, so I may have to give it a swerve.

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