Continuing the experiments, exploring self hosting my music.

I have three things running at the moment,
* a simple samba network file share
* @funkwhale

Ampache is good, but I'm not massively keen on the Web ui, however the android app I've tried seems better.

Funkwhale has the best Web ui, but the api seems to be limiting the power of apps.

And both complain about meta data way more than just playing a file with the "samba player" app.

@M0YNG thank you for sharing, it's interesting to know you are running both Ampache and Funkwhale!

@funkwhale I didn't know which one would work best for me, so I installed both to try and compare.

I have a problem with Funkwhale though... Some of my music wasn't correctly tagged, I fixed it, I imported and replaced the files, and now I have correct AND incorrect tags in my library. Deleting from the library also doesn't make them go away... 😔

Also, directories with names starting "[2009]" don't import? The files are matched, but not considered by the import.

@M0YNG yup, the first one is a known issue, we're working on that (cf

The second one looks like a bug though, what version Funkwhale version are you on?

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