@M0YNG saw this list and as a mastodon n00b, I'd like to understand before I act: where did this list come from? I don't want to be creepy and add a list of somebody elses friends with no context. How does a "following list" work? Is there only one and do these folks get added into my only one?

@K3LTC @M0YNG I tried to import this list a couple of times, but it didn't seem to work. My understanding is the process is asynchronous, and there's no user feedback (yet?), so I waited several days ... still nothing.

@kr4dio @K3LTC I haven't personally used it that way, I've just looked people up by the info provided.

Maybe @DC7IA knows more about the best way to do it.

@M0YNG @kr4dio @K3LTC

Just copy the entries into a file. Name it something.csv and upload in the mastdon settings as a following list. You will then follow everyone.

@DC7IA @M0YNG @kr4dio - I understand the procedure, I just didn't want to do it before understanding more about what I'm doing: Who compiled this list of folks? can I have multiple lists in Mastodon or just one? ie: could I import this list as a "Ham list" and later switch to a "Musician list" or will I be importing all these folks into my only "follow list"? Just trying to understand, thanks!

@K3LTC @DC7IA @M0YNG The list is a publicly editable file that hams were invited to add their names to. I added my own name, for example. And yes, you can have multiple lists

@DC7IA @M0YNG @K3LTC Previously, I exported as CSV from Apple Numbers and the import failed. Copying the list to a plain text file with each name on its own line worked immediately.

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