I have been lent an ELAD FDM-S1 to play with.

Apparently I now need to learn GNU Radio too!

Any help / guides / examples very welcome...
Ideally I'd like to rig this up to a Raspberry Pi and be able to load it up in the browser to tune around from desktop/laptop/phone (like the kiwiSDR)

@M0YNG I’ve not seen it yet, but looks like it might be good. Heather made the kit we built at the GQRP buildathon last year.

Lucky you!
Can't remember his name, but as far as I can remember, the Hack RF guy has some good tutorials on SDRs and gnuradio.

Yeah, Ossman's tuhorials. I couldn't remember the name. @vu3rdd mentioned him by name

But none of us posted the link. Thanks for adding that
@vu3rdd @M0YNG

@M0YNG There's a good series of books called Field Expedient SDR that walks though gnu radio. I've really enjoyed the first two volumes so far.

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