Oh hi!
We're back!

The server ran out of disk space.
I've asked the host to upgrade the VPS ... but that won't be instant.
(It will also cost more) which will give us more space, and RAM (so should help performance too)

I'm also going to look at alternative options for user files, as they are all just on the server right now.

Apologies for the outage ... but it might happen again until I get us more space sorted.



Looks like the cheapest viable solution to more storage ... but we're far from having 1TB (which is the minimum) of stuff to store, or $60 a year to throw at it (personally)

Personally? Do you have anything set up for donations? sorry if I missed it or forgot about it.

@ab3xu no, I haven't got anything for donations at the moment.
So far the costs have been covered by the host (Mythic Beasts) giving me a discount, and @G5BK donating enough to cover the initial costs of domain and basic VPS.

Now we seem to be growing more, it looks like I might need to expand the capacity.

If people are willing to donate, that's great, but not required.

@M0YNG I appreciate the sentiment and spirit of "donation not required" not all can afford to. But, I'm sure at least some of us can.

I also appreciate having a centered instance and hope others do also. So, set something up for donations and let us help take up the slack.

@ab3xu @M0YNG I agree completely.

I like it here and will happily donate to help with running costs.

That said, I wonder if the RSGB legacy fund might be worth looking into. rsgb.org/main/about-us/committ I think the benefits to the community are clear!

@m0puh @ab3xu good call, I might well do that. Possibly tricky to predict how much we need though!

@M0YNG I can understand the quandry. I'm sure fundraising and bookkeeping are not what you had in mind when you started mastodon.radio

@M0YNG Does the storage for Mastodon have to be S3 compatible?

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