So, I have an instance admin question for you to all answer, as members of the community.

We have a few accounts that have joined, then done nothing.

They don't follow anyone, and they have never tooted.

Should I remove this sort of account?
If so, why?
If not, why not?
If so, after how long? Do I warn them? Or offer help? (if so, how? On mastodon, or via email?)

Thoughts welcome!

@M0YNG are you able to see if the accounts are ever used passively? If someone creates an account and then never even logs in it's probably reasonable to remove it after a decent period.

I also like the idea of sending help. It looks like the default email settings should mean users get digest mails if they've not logged into for a while, so doing it via a toot might work.

Happy New Year and cheers for setting this up and keeping it running! 🥂

Tough questions. I myself go through periods of activity and inactivity with most things and on a few occasions have been disappointed to find accounts deleted.

Empty accounts are something different though. I'm pretty new to the and have made a few accounts I haven't' used while exploring it. I've also on occasion made an account on a system with the intention of securing/reserving 'my' name before someone can get it. For stuff like this it may be fair game to impose "use it or lose it" after a reasonable amount of time.

I think a warning would be reasonable and courteous. Why not both email and on mastodon? I rarely look at email anymore, unless I have to, so if it were me, I'd probably miss any warning there.

Why bother deleting an inactive account? Do they use server space that is costing you? There are probably zillions of unused accounts set up on various systems on the internet. It might be noticeable to you now because there aren't many of us but in a few years time, there will probably be so many of us you may not notice who is active or not. and the inactive people may become active after getting through a bad patch of life, illness, relationship problems etc.

Keep up the good work

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