@M0YNG ha ha hq... I have a similar blog post I've not finished yet... basically live and let live eh... if you domt like it don't do it.. very simple :-)

@M0YNG we have a higher than ever noise floor and piss-poor band conditions, it's been that way since I got my foundation license. If it wasn't for these modes of last resort then the hobby would suffer a lost generation as new OPs with 10 watts and a poor set-up wouldn't stand a chance on HF, many find themselves uninterested in local VHF traffic and would turn around and leave. At least it gives something that is accessible until the bands open up again.

@M0YNG Your last line is close. Many hams have no interest in having a conversation, but enjoy the "puzzle" of getting something up and running. I enjoy making contacts without the need for a long conversation. Plenty of introverts in this hobby are having fun with FT8. :)

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