I have a question for the community.
On the birdsite we'd use or to tag our radio related messages.
But here we have a radio specific instance, so do we need to?
However, this instance federates with others, and there are people who are interested in radio, but don't have accounts on this instance, so would tagging messages help them get involved?
Searching only works on usernames and hashtags, so that might make it more important. But your full account includes

was first used when hashtags became a thing on twitter but character limit was short.

It was a quick way of finding other hams on twitter but it ended up being flooded with bots.

Still could be helpful for tagging interests, I still use it to find interesting people

@M0YNG searching on other place you dont need the # as it will just search the words you are looking for - havent tried here but i'd guess its the same - and given its radio related then people would be more specific with their search... but hey, what do i know :-)

@M0YNG I kind of assume that only radio-related stuff will be posted by my account on here. Politricks and teh Cyberzz will be auto-muted at source, using taste and judgment controls which might not be engaged on the birdy site. Self-censorship in fact, although I might slip into machinist or antenna pr0n at times

@g4dbn I suspect antenna pr0n would be welcomed by some. Maybe use the Content Warning feature of mastodon if you think it appropriate 😁

@M0YNG yes, using will help integrate this instance with the rest of the fediverse and there are hams out there without dedicated ham accounts and other ham radio instances so using it will help them get involved in conversations here that interest them and maybe bring in new active account here.

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