at people openly admitting to illegally using Baofengs w/o a license in Amazon reviews. Ok ignorance is a thing but it's not helped by some self identified M0's there wrongly claiming that they are ok to use on PMR.

@M0TDN People use them openly on FRS/ MURS frequencies here as well. Additionally, we have a bunch of doomsday prepper types over in the states that buy these w/o ever intending to get licensed. The argument I keep hearing is nobody will care when "the system" fails. As you know, without actively fucking around with radios, how would you know what to reasonably expect from one?


@rev_mook the ones that baffle me are the licensed hams that use them on PMR. They are easy to spot when they come in strong from 30 miles away, and they are always slightly off frequency due to tuning limitations of the Baofeng. These people use their call signs while knowingly breaking the law and it would likely be a quick job to revoke their license if anyone at OFCOM cared enough.

@M0TDN Using amateur call signs on PMR is pretty dumb, but it sounds like these guys know that channel = some frequency. Maybe they just make up callsigns?

@rev_mook I'm afraid not, when I've heard them I look them up and they're fully legit.

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