Managed a quick test of my new 2m dipole from the 1st floor bedroom instead of the loft where it's more convenient to set up a basic shack, but couldn't get into GB3MI from there so looks like the extra elevation made enough difference for geting over the nearby hospital building.
Dinner was ready by the time of my club net however so I didn't get a chance to test simplex but if the repeater results are anything to go by I probably didn't miss much, maybe next week!

how about a J pole with ladderline? @2U0HZY made one and it works really well :-)

@MU0WLV @2U0HZY J-pole looks pretty similar in terms of gain performance. Perhaps a high-gain design will help a little but even at the maximum output of 40 watts this rig can do I can't get through the 8 storey high concrete RF shield over the road :(

I was thinking more of space in the loft so giving extra height - height is might :-)

@MU0WLV @2U0HZY ahh, space in the loft isn't an issue really but I can't drill holes through the ceiling for a feedline as I'm only temporarily living there, I was operating from inside the loft on battery power but it's not often that will be possible due to the noise and my infant son sleeps directly below.

@MU0WLV another option might be fixing it to a sota pole and hoist it up outside, could but fun.

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