Hi folks! By way of the tag, I'm a class ham in the Washington DC area. I work my IC7300 off a MFJ 10-40 and Z100plus tuner. I have some of the absolute worst mic shyness on the planet so I tend to stick to and , though sometimes I venture outside at obscene hours to wave my antenna at the sky and talk through a . I'll be at the ham fest on June 4!

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@KO4ERE you might like as they do drills regularly using packet radio. They even have something called ”Winlink Thursdays."

In case you're not familiar, Winlink is sort of like post apocalyptic email over RF.

@KC1PYT That sounds nice. I am on winlink, and I've been able to toss messages between my winlink account and my other email accounts over HF, but aside from that all I do is grab automated weather forecasts from the catalogue.

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