Hello from North Carolina! I'm Ben KN4RFT. I'm 3 years into my ham radio journey, currently interested in HF (portable , SSB, and digital) and VHF (net control for my local radio club's weekly net). I'm slowly learning CW with the hope of adding the mode to my arsenal.
I work as a heavy equipment design engineer with a background in heavy equipment operation and repair.

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Greetings, Ben! I hope you'll have many rewarding experiences on your ham journey! is a unique mode, learn it slowly or faster as you find time, and may you have fun! Just do yourself the favor to not learn slow CW... The CW I first learned was so slow it allowed me to think (briefly) about each letter as it came in. Once thoroughly practiced, that thinking is a terrible habit to unlearn. Research Koch method. Shameless plug: One place to read it up is .

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