Found out today about the Cricket40 []: seems like a great little qrp CW radio. Would this only need an antenna attached to work? I was also thinking about making a radio by using a raspberry pi and adding RPITX (transmitter) and RTL-SDR (receiver), but wouldn't that also need a band filter as well as an antenna to work effectively? Which would you suggest/create for yourself?

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@KN4LIA You can't go wrong with the QCX from QRP-Labs. Many thousands sold and a helpful forum. The QCX will also tx wspr

@g0fcu Thanks for the recommend! I have heard of QCX, but I've never wound a toroid before, and I believe the QCX has five toroids. Is it as difficult as people say it is to wind them?

@KN4LIA It's not difficult, just requires some dexterity, concentration to count the number of turns and to take your time. Just remember that each time the wire passes through the centre of the toroid counts as a turn.

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