As a user of liberating software, free culture works, or user-respecting online services, it's common to want to contribute back but not know how. One contribution anyone can make is to send a message to the maintainers telling them a few things you like about it, thanking them for their work. It's easy to remember to complain about bugs or missing features, but like everyone, creators need compliments too, especially when they are volunteers.

Hey everyone. I got my license in 2017 and never actually did anything until the pandemic hit this year; I decided to buy an HF radio and had time to install a proper antenna.

I am a enthusiast, but by no means an expert. My radio computer is an old Lenovo X230 flashed with SeaBIOS and running . I'm excited to talk with other non-techniphobic hams.

I'm most interested in modes via . I plan to get into and , but haven't finished a good mobile setup yet.


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