I’m Jeff KE8VDB. I’m a new ham from SE Michigan. I got my license in May and General in June
I’ve been a MW DX’er since High School (70’s) but never considered amateur radio because I had no interest in learning CW.
I got a Tecsun PL 330 for Christmas and have been listening to shortwave. That rekindled my interest in radio
I am interested in . I’m an avid hiker and backpacker so .
I’ll eventually get into digital modes but for now I just want to get on the air

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@KE8VDB Welcome, Jeff! Hope you like it here.

Just to wet your appetite: You can become RX-QRV in digital modes by switching your RX to SSB and catching the audio with a computer microphone in a quite room.

The reverse is also possible: TX by placing the microphone close to the computer's speaker and pressing PTT. The need to press PTT at the right moment (you typically have a window of a few seconds) becomes old pretty soon, but for first experiments, it can be done.

@KE8VDB i suggest purchasing and learning to use a manual antenna tuner. They can work wonders. I have the MFJ 902 and a 20m dipole and 6m eggbeater. With just those 2 antennas and that tuner i can go from 40m all the way to 6m. Also, tuning up from an antenna fundamental frequency is always better than tuning down. As you go up the bandwidth increases and tuning is easier. When you go down the bandwidth is smaller, you have to tune more often, and tuning just right is a pita

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