Good morning. ! Especially to the crowd!

I hope all of you have a great day!

Beyond that, I will be starting a new radio journalism project in 2019 which I have decided to call "The Radio Intelligence News Service" (T.R.I.N.S) or (R.I.N.S.)

RINS will present current-day and a historical journalism focused on the intersect between amateur radio and shortwave radio with national security & intelligence.

I'll be relying largely on FOIA records pulled from the archives of various federal agencies, U.S. Military Historical Information Commands, and NARA (

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I am the co-author of the Chicago Scanner and CrimeisDown Scanner Listening Guide / Media Style Guide for Chicago Public Safety Reporting

I also run Chicago-One News (Chicago-1) which focuses on long-form public safety news reporting on major violent crimes and other major public safety incidents. Chicago-1 also covers historical events pulled from law enforcement records within Chicago, Cook County, and U.S. Federal Agencies with field offices in Chicago.

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Here's a summery intro to get to know me:

I am formerly of PCJ Radio International, and Shortwave America before that.

Radio has been a passion and love of mine since my young days, and I was once very connected to Rabbi Doug (Doug Zelden) of the Kevin Matthews Show, and Ed Tyll over at WLUP AM-1000 in the golden age of Chicago radio.

The late WV9MJS (Mitch) and AB9PS (Paul) were two of my closest friends. Paul was well-known at WFMT - FM radio, and WTTW - TV.

: /dev/serial/by-id/ has persistently named serial devices on .

Perfect if your serial ports keep swapping over when you reboot or plug/unplug things, just use these in places of /dev/ttyUSB$no.

I don't know when this magical feature appeared but it beats messing with dev rules. 💻📻

Hey, Mastodon crowd! Tis me, your favorite international radio journalist and amateur radio voice from Chicago!!

I'm here because screw Twitter and their penchant for banning people without reason, and refusing to give some sort of evidence for which rule was violated & how their rules were allegedly violated!

Also, screw Jack and his bourgie liberal team of clowns for each bit of their hypocrisy


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