What do you think the next big frontiers are in amateur radio?

My thoughts are:

* More SDR driven digital modes.
* Quantum radio for communication almost regardless of noise conditions.
* More space based ham assets as man expands into cislunar space.
* Ever more clever ways to hide antennas from the watchful eyes of HOAs. :alex_rolling_eyes:

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?

Is it permissible to use acronyms alluding to expletives on the air provided one does not actually use the offending word?


BFE: Bumfuck Egypt (the middle of nowhere)
WTF: What the Fuck?
BS: Bullshit
SOB: Son of a Bitch

Blew a tire over the weekend. The tire was mostly off the rim, the whole bit My wife called AAA and as it turns out the AAA guy is also a fellow ham. We exchanged call signs.

I may get my first card from a blown tire while stuck in BFE, Maine.... Strange but true.

Radio Relay International (RRI) has some interesting stuff about how to form a family and neighborhood communications plan in the event of a natural disaster in your area.

It bridges unlicenced and minimally licensed , and (presumably) services with radiograms for purposes.


How can US hams help ?

I read something about Poland making indirect contact with Ukraine possible via Winlink, but I'm sketchy on the details.

I had my first net check in today. My first successful voice contact *ever* was over the repeater! I used a lowly HT with maybe 5W of output with a ~18" Abbree antenna. Fun times.

Everything else I've done up to this point has been digital modes such as .

Now that I've looked it seems I can't see my outbound message ID's when I search for them in the global message viewer. I'm confused.

Hmm... I can't seem to send test messages from myself to myself in

Strange, that's standard practice for troubleshooting an MTA.

How do I send an NTS radiogram from within ? I'm trying to get setup and contact an old friend via NTS. Am I correct that this is probably faster than trying to catch an FM voice net?

I'm very new to this. Thanks in advance to any who can assist.

What's the craziest thing you've ever heard going out over amateur bands?

Hey and folks, do you ever use / as part of your drills? What about novel digital modes other than and , such as ? Where do they fit in relation to other solutions?

What's the coolest coding project you've ever seen related to ham radio?

While looking into buying or building my own CW setup, I happened across this little gem:


It's a one transistor transmitter you can build yourself with spare parts, or what looks like a very few bucks on Amazon.

Is it possible to hook up a keyer to a and have it work well enough to make contacts? Or, will its FM-only nature be a problem?

I passed my general class license test today!

Interesting news video covering Hawaii Hams. It's from a few years ago, during the NK missile false alarm.


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