What's the coolest coding project you've ever seen related to ham radio?

While looking into buying or building my own CW setup, I happened across this little gem:


It's a one transistor transmitter you can build yourself with spare parts, or what looks like a very few bucks on Amazon.

Is it possible to hook up a keyer to a and have it work well enough to make contacts? Or, will its FM-only nature be a problem?

I passed my general class license test today!

Interesting news video covering Hawaii Hams. It's from a few years ago, during the NK missile false alarm.


I tried getting to work with my UV-5R, a ~2ft ABBREE antenna, and an old cell phone... No joy. I'm a stone's throw from W1AW, I can hear the MODEM audio on 144. 390-MHz but it's clear from aprs.fi that the network can't hear me.

I tried making my first ever SSB voice contact on the national calling frequency for 2m and 70cm. Also no joy.

Are there better days/times to try this? At this point, I'm wondering if my signal even makes it around the block.

Attempted to upgrade my license to general and failed by *one* question. I tried again and got a similar result. Ugh.

Why does the FCC deem it necessary for Hams to log their antenna gain on 60 meters if you're using something other than a dipole antenna?

I just got an NTS radiogram from Kris NX9K and Jim N9VC welcoming me to the hobby. Apparently the watch the new license registration DB.

Someone actually called me on the phone to pass the message along which was all kinds of cool. Sadly, I forgot to note the messenger's call-sign.

So, now I get to figure out NTS format and send a message back via a local radio net. This is so cool!

So, why is 2200 meters so heavily restricted? I just noticed a note on my band cheat sheet. Apparently, if I want to experiment on LF I have to fill out extra paperwork.

I know phase modulation is rare in ham radio, but can somebody please explain to me how it works?

Normally looking at a wave form graphic is enough for me to get what's happening. Unfortunately, when I look at a phase modulation graphic all I see is what looks like FM an carrier signal. I can't follow which state is 0 and which state is 1.

I struggle with Ohm's law related questions on the test. I've seen the triangle mnemonic, I'm still struggling. Can anyone here recommend a resource that methodically walks me through how this works? Videos are preferred but I'll take what I can get.

I'm just starting out and I want to keep a good log book. I'm going to start out with pen and paper but I want to digitize fairly quickly.

I'm a fan of text based terminal applications and tools that use plain text with minimal (preferably intuitive) markup.

Is there anything like Ledger of plaintextaccounting.org/ fame or TaskWarrior but for QSO logs?

Question for everyone. I'm looking for an Android app to help me learn CW. The few I have found boil down to "listen to this and identify the character.”

That's a good start but I'm looking for something that will simulate a key and/or iambic paddle. Any suggestions?

Hello, everyone. By way of I just got my technician license a few days ago. I'm studying for my general license now.

Digital modes, SDR, and CW are all very interesting to me. Right now all I have is a UV-5R and an ABBREE flex antenna.

I have been using Ham Radio Prep and Ham Radio Crash Course (YouTube) as my primary sources of information.

Thanks to @W8HF for telling me about this Mastodon instance.


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